WhatsApp Hack Features

WhatsApp Hack Features

WhatsApp has become one of the most prominent messaging platforms today with its userbase steadily growing. Almost everyone who owns a mobile phone will have WhatsApp installed into it as it has naturally become the most preferred method of communication. The introduction of voice and video calls have further distinguished WhatsApp from other messaging applications. That being said, there are various spy apps available to which monitors a phone through WhatsApp.

One of the mains features of WhatsApp spy applications are to view the history of calls made and received by the user. The feature provides you with the date and time of the calls and also who the call from received from. Additionally, there could be features where the recordings of the called are also collected or even provide the ability to listen in to a call in real time.

The next popular way of communication is through text message and the spy applications also has the ability to review a user’s chat history. The details of the text messages are gathered whether they are received or sent by the monitored phone. Some applications are able to provide the information even though the monitored phone has had all the chat history cleared.

Many WhatsApp spy tools also provide the GPS tracker feature which allows tracking of the real time location of the monitored phone. This feature might be useful for parents as it notifies where their children are hanging out with friends and help locate the children easily if they ever get lost. For more information, please visit http://appspy.net/whatsapp-hack/.

Although it looks like that these applications are an invasion of privacy, it should be used for ethical purposes. Parents can use it to better monitor their children to keep them safe and companies could use it on employees to avoid confidential company information from being leaked.