The Advantages of Wooden Wine Racks

The Advantages of Wooden Wine Racks

Wood wine racks offer the best storage system for a large collection. Request a discount if you buy more than 1 cube.

Wooden wine racks may also double as tabletops to maintain all of your wine accessories or as wall mounted wine rack. Pine wine racks will be the lowest priced.

Many high-quality wooden wine racks may be utilized as furniture. Mahogany, redwood and walnut wine bars store your wines while still providing you room to serve them in style. Most bars price, approximately $500 and will hold 50 to 100 bottles. Shipping will probably cost approximately $100, so keep a look out, if you purchase online. Wooden wine towers allow you to maintain keep eyeglasses and your wine organized. They are best for tight spaces and might cost over $300, based on caliber.

If your wine set is an investment, so look at purchasing a wooden wine rack at a freestanding fridge. These keep your wines at a container, which means that you can show your wines.

How wine is stored by you, but isn’t quite as important as where you shop wine. When it’s wood or metal, big or small — must be kept in a cool, dark, somewhat humid location. Maintain a constant temperature between 50 and never put the wine rack at sunlight or heat, which can nourish and spoil the wine. Basements and cabinets make excellent storage spaces. Also, keep a list of your wines, so that you understand when to open a bottle that is aged.