Styling your Hijab for your Face Shape

Styling your Hijab for your Face Shape


Finding a dress that compliments that shape of your body is the same as finding the right glasses for your face shape. And if you’re trying to find a hijab that flatters your facial features, it’s important for you to understand what kind of face shape you have. Face shapes have been classified into different types where the most popular ones are oval, round, rectangular and heart shaped. Grab yourself a hijab from the hijab store and start learning how to give yourself a modest and stylish look!


People with an oval face have been considered as having the most desirable face shape as it makes styling so much more easy as they are compatible with a lot of styles. If you have an oval face shape, allow your hijab to naturally fall against the shape of your face when styling around the frame of your face.


If you have a short face, you’ll want to try and lengthen your face by setting the sides of your scarf slightly forward to the ends of the eyebrows and then have your scarf pulled back until your hairline. Avoid hiding your eyebrows and forehead for a better look!


You’ll most likely want to hide those chubby cheeks and chin for a flattering, slim face frame. Prevent from tucking your cheeks into your scarf, instead, let the scarf loosely fall against your chin and also your cheeks by also focusing on not pushing the chin out.


Heart shaped faces often have a wide forehead and a small chin. Disappearing chins are a common problem and this can be easily fixed by framing the scarf around the edges of your jaw. This way Hijabs UK, you might have an even popping jawline. Prevent from focusing on too much volume at the sides and back of your head.