Crime Movies Worthy of Your Time

Crime Movies Worthy of Your Time

It is really comforting to see criminals when they are apprehended and junked in jails. Thus even if this will happen in movies only, we still have this great feeling making crime movies usually a big hit. This is also the reason why there are now so many crime movies and the best ones are available in putlockers.

A list of A1 crime movies:

Bad Genius – I am pretty sure you already heard about this as this became quite popular. It is not available in cinemas now but you can still check this movie in the site mentioned above. This is all about two of the most brilliant students who need money and they are using their brain to get what they need. You should watch how they cheat so that others will also get the right answers through them.

The Man Who Wasn’t There

This story is all about a husband who is cheated without him knowing and is trying to make a name for himself and end up being duped. You should check this movie out and see how this ends.

The Day of the Beast

In this movie, the priest as well as the theology professor is studying bizarre things as they believe that mankind should suffer for their sins. Thus they do a lot of horrible things. This is a flick you should not miss.

Godless Youth

A group of students are led for an assessment camp in which Zach is one of them. The movie follows him and his activities. You can follow him as well as for sure you will find it interesting.

For more crime movies, Putlockers will always be available. The movies in this are all free and can be accessed anytime you want so check on them now!