A Lighting Rainbow for Your Kids

 A Lighting Rainbow for Your Kids

Kids always love colorful things. Unlike adults who will already prefer earth colors, kids will love it if they are surrounded with different colors. So if you are planning to buy a lamp or night light for your kid’s room, you should choose something with a lot of colors.

Luna lamp has a type of lamp that can emit up to 16 colors. Yes,, and if your child simply love to watch rainbows, they he will also love this lamp as the colors in the rainbow are also present here. He can choose any of the 16 colors easily by doing a long press on the control.

This lamp that is known as moon lamp can be availed from Lunamoonlamp. Actually, this is not the only type of lamp they offer. They have other two types of lamps but they offer less color options so they are more for the adults’ rooms.

These types of lamps can be the primary lamp in any room and the night light at the same time. Because of the color options, the light can be subtle or brighter. Aside from the, the lamp is also provided with a kind of dimmer thus it is also perfect as a night light.

Controlling the moon lamps is quite easy as you only need to tap or touch it. The multicolored one can be controlled by using the remote control that is part of the package. It is equipped with 3D printing so that when you look at it, you will think the moon is in your home.

Yes, your kids will surely love the multicolored lamp that is moon inspired. It would be that the rainbow is now in their room and for sure, they will have a lot of fun in deciding what color to use next.