Day: August 10, 2018

Avoiding Beard Lice

Avoiding Beard Lice

You might have heard of people telling you to always thoroughly wash your hands after you’ve encountered a swarm of kids as children are often one of the largest carriers of head lice. But one day, your beard starts itching terribly. It might be a rash or just some dandruff. However, checking in the mirror for possible signs of flaky skin, you find none. Your brain starts to think, could head lice actually reside in beards?

The unfortunate answer to that question is that it is possible for lice to reside in beards, labeling them as beard lice. You may not have heard of beard lice before, but there are many types of lice that can reside in any part of your body, such as your eyebrows, eyelash, and even your armpits. If you have diagnosed yourself with a beard lice infestation, prevent from panicking and shaving off your beard. There is always an alternative solution that doesn’t require shaving off months of hard work.

Lice treatment is widely available from shampoos to experts in removing lice. Over the counter lice shampoos would do just fine along with creams and lotion. Before buying them, make sure to note of any allergies you may have and ask the pharmacist on whether you would be allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the bottle. It is always good to remember not to put too much lice treatment on your beard as it could damage the hair follicles and facial hairs. You’ll also want to apply a moisturizing treatment like a natural beard oil to keep your beard hydrated at all times. Check out Primitive Outpost for more beard oils as well.

Another step to never forget once you find out you have lice is to decontaminate areas that you often lay your head on like your bed, pillows, sofa, and so on. Lice can live up to three days without feeding on humans. So it’s either wait a couple of days for them to die or call an expert to help you.