Day: June 1, 2018

Temp Agencies – Their Responsibilities and Obligations

Temp Agencies – Their Responsibilities and Obligations

Temp Agencies (Temporary Agencies) are company that intermediaries between individuals searching for temporary work places and company that have openings of this type.

The rights which the Temp Agencies must follow compared with the employees are:

Temp workers will be able to remuneration based according to the job they’ve been hired to develop. From the collective agreement (agreed with of the parties involved) that the remuneration will be calculated and applicable on the basis of the components of time previously established. The reimbursement shall include the percentage of overtime pay, holidays and vacations. To this end, the Temp Agency would have to record all information related to how much and the remunerations will be supplied on a written contract which will be made available to the temp employee. Employees should also possess an allowance at the conclusion of the contract equal to the proportionate share of this sum to be paid twelve times wages for every year of service Manhattan temp agency.

The duties of the Temp agency towards the temp worker are as follows:

The employee will receive a wage and have social safety during the duration of the contract

Contracted employees to be made available to the businesses should be given adequate and proper training in line with the job characteristics.

The Temp Agency shall make certain that the worker, before making accessible to the user enterprise, has the theoretical and practical training in the prevention of occupational risks to the job to do, taking into consideration their qualifications and expertise and the dangers to which he faces. Otherwise you need to provide such training to the worker.

The employee shouldn’t cover the Temp Agency any fees related to recruiting or training.