Month: May 2018

CEO of the Best PR Agency

CEO of the Best PR Agency

Are you in need of serviced from a PR Agency? If you are, then all you need is 5W PR. 5W PR is a New York-based PR Agency. This was founded by Ronn Torossian, the founder, the CEO, and a public relations executive. He sure is a one of a kind man. Acquiring services from their agency will surely give you tons of benefits and advantages. But first, before you do, you might want to learn more about Ronn Torossian, his life, and his business.

  • A PR agency is the one who spreads information to the public regarding a certain organization, or a company. They manage the relationship between such company and the public.
  • 1994, is the year where Ronn Torossian started his own PR agency. He was ranked 35th among the different PR companies in New York. Ronn Torossian is the author of the “For the Immediate Release” a best-selling book.

Let’s look back to the early life of Ronn Torossian. He was born on August 25, 1974, at Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in The Bronx. During his high school years, he studied at Stuyvesant High school, New York.

  • When he started to work as a public relations executive of the year, he was working alongside with Peter Vallone a soon-to-be speaker of New York City Council. 2002, he launched his own PR Agency called 5W PR. His work career was criticised and praised at the same time. He was called crass, buzz-obsessed, and loud, on a certain business magazine. There sure were tons of challenges came to Ronn Torossian. But, he remains focused and continued to build this PR Agency to its best form.

If you want to build better relationships between your company and other organization, or the public, and etc. make sure to hire 5W PR. They’re one of the best PR Agency, you’ll be able to hire. Rest assured, with them, you’ll be on top.

All about Harry Potter

All about Harry Potter

Have you been dreaming to visit the different places Harry Potter’s scene was shot? Without a doubt, Harry Potter became a big hit during its debut in 1997. Many were amazed by the wonderful film. Such film surely earned a lot of fans. These fans call themselves “Potterheads”. Are you one of the Potterheads? If you are then, we have a great opportunity for you! Best Tours is offering one of the best tours ever, the Harry Potter London  Walking Tour, where they will be touring people to the different places Harry Potter film took place. Rest assured it would fill to your heart’s content. Now, before you go and get your ticket, you should learn some things about and here are some of them.

There were 7 movies made about Harry Potter, and every single movie made a big hit. Here’s the list of every Harry Potter movie aired: The Philosopher’s Stone which was the first Harry Potter Movie and was aired in 1997. Then, it was followed by the Chamber of Secrets which was aired in 1998. After that came the “The Prisoner of Azkaban” on 1999. And then came the “The Goblet of Fire”, during 2000

And then 3 years after, The Order of Phoenix got aired. Then, 2 years after that came The Half-Blood Prince. After that came the Deathly Hollows, which was aired back to 2007, and is the last movie starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Every movie of such series was a major success.

Now, let’s learn more about the tour that you’ll surely enjoy.

  • Be sure to arrive before 12 pm if your tour will be on Wednesday to Saturday because 12 pm will be the departure time. And if it happens Sunday, then be there before 10:30 pm Meeting place will be at Tickets Booth, Leicester Square, London WC2H 7DE.
  • Also, make sure to wear comfortable casual clothes so that nothing will stand in your way from enjoying such tour.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best tour of your life. Rest assured, you’ll be able to enjoy it a lot. Experience the wonderful world of Harry Potter!

Benefits of Advertising with the Use of Instagram

Benefits of Advertising with the Use of Instagram

Social media platforms are everywhere. Each and every person on this earth has their own account on different social media platforms. One of the most used social media accounts is the Instagram. Biggest names, companies, and brands have their own account. It sure is a great way to advertise such business and figures. It’s a brilliant exposure. If you are running a business, making an account of it on the Instagram world would surely help you a lot. Now, here are some benefits you can get from using Instagram as a form of advertisement.

  • Since almost all people have their own Instagram account, and almost all people are active on such social media platform, it’s easier for them to be aware of the existence of your business. It’s easier for them to get the latest scoop regarding your business.
  • You don’t have to actually go out and give flyers, post posters, and etc. Such form of advertisement sure do provides a great amount of stress. Through Instagram, even in the comforts of your own home, you can still advertise your business. Through Instragram, you can get a good exposure without going through a stressful and hassle process.
  • Such form of an advertisement does not require a great amount of money. It basically is just free. No need to pay for the printing, designing, spreading and etc. All you have to do is to create an account on any device that can acquire internet, and you are good to go.

But, you have to be aware that such form of advertisement can take you a while. Good thing, there is a way that can make faster results. Instafollowersbay offer that will surely help you out. All you have to do is to buy cheap Instagram followers from them. It sure is a great jumpstart to your business. Such investment will make things a whole lot easier