Day: January 15, 2018

Things Korea does Better

Things Korea does Better

Things South Korea does Better

South Korea has been getting the attention throughout the decade for different things. It initially began with their music genre, K-Pop, and then it went to having one of the greatest 먹튀 TV shows that are still watched until today (Running Man). Even so, we know Korea has a lot of great things at hand, and here are the rest of them:

1.Flight Attendants

The flights on South Korea have been preferred by travelers due to their excellent service on board as well as professional and beautiful flight attendants tending to the passengers, which makes flying on a South Korean airline makes long journeys nice and comfortable.

2.Plastic Surgery

It’s no secret on the amount of plastic surgery that has been done on South Koreans nowadays. You can easily find a before and after collection of people who has done plastic surgery on the internet. But there is no doubt that the quality for plastic surgery in Korea is amazing.

3.MMO Games

Unless you’re a gamer, you might have a stereotypical judgment whenever you see a Korean player joining a team that they will no doubt become the MVP of the match. South Korea was the first country to be recognized to have the top eSport players. Not only that, they have an abundance of MMO games available to them that is not available anywhere else.

A pioneer in the field of games in Korea is “토토먹튀”, “먹튀”, or “먹튀사이트”, translated as Toto Eats, Eat or The Eating Site. The website is dedicated to reviewing and verifying (먹튀검증) MMO websites that must undergo a compulsory registration process. This verification site (먹튀검증사이트) is a one in many of it’s kind but stands out due to its quickly issued license.