Day: January 8, 2018

What you Should do if you Lost your Phone

What you Should do if you Lost your Phone

If you’re fumbling through your pockets and your trusty rectangle device is not where it should be, firstly, try not to panic. A lost or stolen has the potential to happen to anyone, and unfortunately, it has happened to you. Before you start learning on how to avoid this disaster in the future, for now, here’s what you should do when your phone is missing.

Use a Phone Locating App

The first thing you’ll need to do is determine if you have actually lost your phone or just misplaced it somewhere close to you. Borrow someone’s phone and try to call your phone. If you’re lucky, you might hear the familiar jingle somewhere around you, but if not. You can download a German phone locating app called the “handy orten app”, also called as the handy orten ohne app, that helps users to track and locate other phones (or in German, handy orten)  in a case of emergency.

Immediately Change any Important Passwords

If the first step didn’t work for you, immediately change any passwords that are linked to your personal information, such as your email, social platforms, and your online banking account password.

Contact your bank company and your phone carrier

Immediately have your phone carrier to stop the service on your phone and have your current number transferred to a new phone. Also, if you believe that you are at risk of losing highly sensitive information, call your bank company and report on your lost phone.

Wipe out your phone remotely

Finally, once you are completely sure that your phone is stolen and there can never be a chance of getting it back, find an app that can remotely wipe your device. The most important thing at the moment is that your information is safe and secured.

What makes Singaporean females an ideal model

What makes Singaporean females an ideal model

The modelling industry in Southeast Asia has seen exponential spikes of growth in the recent years. Among the countries that have prospered in the industry, Singapore has become a standout for modelling. A surge in the number of freelance models, in particular, female models, has aided the success of Singapore modelling agency, iModels Holdings. Freelance models in Singapore are thriving on the growing industry which in turns create a heightened sense of competitiveness among the freelance models Singapore offers. Over the years, it can be observed that the tension of competing among one another has doubled in mostly female models. A factor to consider when attributing the success of the modelling industry in Singapore is the increasing amount of design graduates. With every designer burning to midnight oil to create an innovative and unique sense of style, it is no wonder how the industry has progressed so far. The quest to become among the prettiest female models in Singapore has become a pioneer for most Asian countries such as Malaysia and Philippines.
So, what makes an ideal model? But more importantly, what attributes do Singaporean females possess in order to be able to entice designers globally? The logic behind the selections, although shallow, can lie with their stunning appearance. More often than not, most women in Singapore boasts fair and beautiful complexions, rendering the Asian competition less valuable. In addition to physical characteristics, many Singaporean female models are known to be rather ambitious. This behavior has been known to promise success in almost all industries when paired with persistence. On an international scale, many believe that the modelling agency Singapore is famous for, iModels Holdings, is a pioneer in developing and nurturing a new generation of beautiful Singapore models. As a result, Singapore Models for events has become an eye-catching sight on both the runway and the cover of magazines.